Aerial Robot Friend At Your Service

The world of gadgets has gotten a bit crazier with the arrival of a robot toy called the Pocket Drone, and it operates like a big drone, which must be humorous for military buffs and anyone who loves outlandish gadgets. So far this toy’s company founders have received thousands of dollars from a crowfunding site and they’re close to meeting financial goals as it relates to the pocket drone. This pocket drone is shaped like a helicopter and you can fly it exactly like a regular one. Other features of the pocket drone include a good collapsible design, strong safety features, able to be upgraded, and flights that are programmable.

Surveillance Right At Your Fingertips

If you need to find out what your husband is getting for your anniversary or if you just recorded video of your younger sister in a bad activity that could harm her well being, the pocket drone lets you secretly upload those videos to the toy and before you know it you’ll have all the secret evidence you need to capture the facts you need. You can also use this surveillance as a fun prank on your friends. (more…)

3d printer

Low Cost User Friendly 3D Printer

One of the most affordable user friendly 3D printers is the Micro printer and it has raised quite a bit of money on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. The Micro 3D printer will cost under $300 upon release to the public and it will come with touchscreen-friendly software. This printer will also not give out a very loud noise unlike traditional printers and with this innovative machine you’re able to print all kinds of images and fonts in 3D, which is important since 3D continues to be an important part of graphic design and advertising.

How Does This Printer Work?

It is not very hard to use the Micro 3D printer and all you need to do is plug in the printer, choose a design template you want to use and then start your tasks. You can even organize the different design templates you use from the printer on a daily basis so that you can put all of them into a user friendly library and access them whenever you want.

Easily Connectable To Different Kinds of Computers

Another good thing about the Micro 3D printer is that it has 3D printing software for the computers Mac, Windows and Linux, so this means that most computer systems would be compatible with Micro 3D printer. This is especially good for Mac users since they sometimes have trouble finding a printer or electronics items that are compatible with these computers. (more…)

A Ring As Wearable Technology

A Ring As Wearable Technology

Have you ever thought about a day and time where a ring could serve as a technological device? Well, thanks to a product called Ring, you can wear technology that benefits you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the details on what the Ring can do for you.

Main Aspects of Ring

The ring will allow you to use different hand gestures to control the appliances and other electronics devices in the home, use hand gestures as a way of transmitting and sending text through the phone or your computer, send and set up information concerning payment for your bills and receive and give special alerts. When you wear the ring and move your hand in different ways, the motion sensors inside the ring can detect the tasks you want to complete. Ring can be used if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone.

Benefits of Ring

One benefit of having this kind of ring is that it makes completing tasks easier and you don’t have to worry about remembering multiple passwords or setting up alerts and reminders every few days. When you wear the ring everything is set up for you; all you have to do is move the hand gestures and you’ll be able to control your devices within seconds. Since it saves you time, you can focus on the most important things and people in your life. (more…)

Why We Need to Shift to LED Lighting?

Eco-friendly is not just some fad. Taking care of our planet is a serious matter especially now that we’re experiencing the effects of global warming. Every year, we hear of devastating natural catastrophes that hit different countries across the world. Ecological imbalance and destruction of nature are blamed as main causes why these catastrophes have become very common. It’s high time for us to act and save our planet.

Most of us are aware of eco-friendly measures such as reusing, reducing and recycling waste products that help reduce carbon footprint. However, many remain unaware of upcoming and latest technologies that can help significantly cut carbon emissions. The LED lighting is an excellent example.

While LED is commonly used for illuminating indoor and outdoor spaces, LED technology also has many other uses. It is used in electronics devices, computers, and there are even car lighting accessories such as those reviewed by Light Bar Report. But more importantly, the widespread use of LED and the phase-out of incandescent lighting can tremendously help nurture our planet.

Here let’s check out the eco-friendly benefits of shifting to LED lighting.

Energy efficient

Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFL), LED lights to guarantee up to 80% energy efficiency. LEDs convert up to 95% of the energy into light and only expend 5% for heat. Conventional CFLs are the exact opposite, consuming 95% of energy to heat and produces only 5% of illumination.

LED lights also consume much less power as compared to traditional lighting. You can actually replace your current 25-watt incandescent light bulb with a 10-watt LED light. With less energy used, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced.

Zero toxic chemicals

LED lights are made of non-toxic components which can contaminate the environment when disposed of in landfill waste. Traditional fluorescent lights contain toxic elements, particularly mercury, which poses risk to the environment and public health. Proper disposal of mercury-containing light bulbs is vital to avoid its negative implications.

Fewer lights needed

Unlike traditional lighting that scatters light in every direction, LED has better light distribution. Hence, you only require fewer LED lighting to get the same quality of illumination of incandescent and CFLs. This, in turn, helps further cut energy consumption.

Longer life span

LED lights have a long life span (up to six times) than other types of light bulbs. The production of light bulbs involves lengthy processes, such as manufacturing, packaging, and transportation, that all lead to carbon emissions. Old light bulbs that are disposed of also translate to residual wastes that contaminate the environment. And since LED lights have last longer, you don’t need to frequently replace them. Ultimately, this results in lesser resources and carbon footprint.


Aside from the eco-friendly benefits, LED bulbs can help significantly reduce your electricity bills. Given these many advantages, governments are encouraging the phase out traditional light bulbs and shifting to LED bulbs. By simply replacing your old lights with LED light bulbs, you are actually helping save our planet for the future generations to enjoy!

Digital Vs. Paper Planner: Which One Is The Best?

Included in the basic features of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops are digital calendars or planners that make these gadgets more than capable of helping us organize and manage our daily tasks. Aside from these built-in features, there’s also an overabundance of productivity apps and solutions that can be installed in our gadget.

However, you might be wondering why, even with the ubiquity of digital calendar-equipped gadgets, we can still see paper planners of various designs and themes displayed on store shelves. If digital calendars are truly powerful and efficient, these traditional planners should have become obsolete and unnecessary isn’t it? But that’s not the case; many are still enamored with paper planners.

Contrary to what some people think, it is not only the old ones and ‘tech illiterates’ who are patronizing paper planners. Many tech-savvy users do prefer physical product over the digital ones. As a proof to that, there are sites like Estyslife.com that are specifically dedicated to reviews of traditional paper. These review sites guide online users in finding the best type planners that suits their needs.

So, which type of planner is best? Paper or digital planner?

Why choose paper planner?

Although digital calendars are popular, efficient and easily accessible, many people still stick with paper planners because of its advantages.

First, traditional planners encourage you to physically write down a note, tasks, or appointment. Studies have shown that when you jot down notes you are more likely to remember what you have written them. Others believe that the physical act of writing helps reinforce the thought process and digest the information better.

Some people find planners effective in organizing and prioritizing their tasks. Indeed, it’s easier to sort out tasks if you can visually see them, instead of just mere concepts. You can check out this link to learn how to make an effective vision board: https://estyslife.com/how-to-make-a-vision-board-that-really-works/ that is useful for planning.

Lastly, everyone has a different way of thinking. Some are comfortable using pen and paper in systematizing their daily tasks. For these people, writing helps them regain control of their life. Usually, individuals who are into arts and creative works find longhand writing more effective. Others simply love to carry around a compact notebook where they can occasionally write their thoughts.

Why choose digital planner?

Digital planners and other productivity apps are very popular – thanks to mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. These productivity tools deserve to be popular because of their numerous advantages.

One of the best attributes of digital planners is that they are always with you. Nowadays, people can’t seem to move around with their smartphone and other devices. You can also bring them anywhere you go. Aside from that, digital planners have varied useful features such as alarm, auto-messaging, connectivity with your social channels, etc. Productivity apps that are based on the cloud can be linked to other devices so you don’t have to repeat entries every so often.

The best digital planners offer users with an expansive amount of space where you can work and experiment on. These apps also let users schedule their to-dos, reminders and events more efficiently, by indicating start and end time, location, frequency, people to meet, and other important details. Digital planners also enable users to write down all relevant details in a simplified and organized manner to ensure that nothing is missed out.

Digital planners offer many options for users. You will have no trouble finding an app that meets your lifestyle and needs.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, everyone thinks and lives differently. No one size fits all. If you have already established a routine, either with physical writing or through use of gadgets, go follow it. The planner that works for you is the best planner.


Tools To Keep You Safe Online

The web gets more dangerous all the time. Hackers are getting much better at stealing your personal information and using it to hurt you. I’m very interested in cybersecurity, the study of keeping safe online. Some ways that you can use to stay safe are a little bit difficult… But here are some basic ways you can keep your privacy online, and stay away from hackers and people trying to watch your online activity. Some of these are very easy to do, and some of them require you to know a little bit about computers before you dive in.


The first thing anyone worried about online safety should get is a VPN. I’ve talked about these before, but I can’t stress enough how much you need one today. In the US, laws recently got passed that allow internet companies to sell your internet history to ad companies. A VPN keeps the company from seeing what you’re doing online, so they can’t track you or target ads for you. TunnelBear is a great VPN for beginners; it’s just an app that you download on your phone or computer and it hides your internet from anyone trying to spy on you. You can also build your own if you know how; it just takes a little bit on configuring. I recommend using port 443 when you configure your own; it makes it impossible for your ISP to block the traffic. A VPN is a like a safety helmet from Risky Head; you may not need it, but you want it there when trouble happens.


ScriptBlocker is a program for web browsers that allows you to stop most ads. Javascript is one of the most common internet languages today, and it is how pop-up ads are able to exist. If you turn it off, you will find that fewer ads are able to show themselves. It will protect you from malicious downloads like a horse helmet protects you while you’re out riding. The only problem with this is the compatibility; some sites (Like Facebook) run on Javascript so you have to be careful. You will also not be able to use Google Drive if you disable all scripts. What I recommend is enabling the ScriptBlocker, then whitelisting sites one at a time as you go to them. But the default should be “off.”

Clearing Your Cookie Cache

Cookies are sometimes useful. They allow you to save your Facebook password so you don’t have to login every time. But they can also hide in your computer, reporting to ad companies that want to sell you something. They can also drain your bandwidth, because they are connected to the internet and feeding your info to another server. Even if they are not taking any confidential information, they are still parasites on your network. About once a month, go through and clear your cache of cookies. You will have to login again, but you will shake off any invaders that came with it.

Apps For the Tennis Enthusiast

Smartphone apps are wide ranging. In fact, there’s an app for almost whatever niche you think of – from hobbies to daily organization to music and so much more. There are also apps for sports enthusiasts.

For those who love tennis, there are also apps specially dedicated for them. Here let’s take a look at some great apps tennis players (and wannabes) would love.

  1. FlashScore

Get the latest news, scores, stats, live text commentaries, and competition tables every day with this app. Available to both iPad and iPhone, you can now get connected 24/7 to international tennis tournaments. No need to scour the internet in search for tennis news as live feeds will be sent to your smartphone.

  1. TennisTV

At just $20 on a monthly subscription, this app lets you stream live tennis matches. Get to watch WTA and ATP tournaments and other international matches right at your mobile.

  1. My Tennis Stats

Get this app for as low as $9.99 and begin tracking your game. With this app, you can easily track a wide range of tennis statistics such as break points, first serve percentage, misses returns, and many more stats you want to keep track of. It also lets you check statistical reports for volleys, backhands, serves, and other common strokes. Continuously track your statistics through the website. A free version is also available but is only limited to 45 inputs.

  1. Hit With Me

Oftentimes, looking for tennis equipment and supplies is much easier than looking for other players. There are great review sites dedicated to tennis equipment, such as this site: https://peakstriker.com, where you can find tennis racquets, balls, etc. That’s not always the case when looking for other tennis players, especially if you’re not in a tennis club. Hit With Me lets you connect with other tennis enthusiasts. You can check out nearby players and swipe through their profiles. After your match, you can leave a rating based on your opponent’s skill level and sportsmanship. Better yet, this app also includes a directory of nearby clubs and courts as well as tennis coaches.

  1. RacquetTune

Want to adjust the tension of your racquet for a great game? Install the RacquetTune app. With this app, you can determine and adjust the tension of your string. To do this, simply tap the strings and the app calculates the tension using the sound. Other features of the app include stiffness calculator and weight calculator.

  1. Coach’s Eye

Improve your game with this app. Coach’s Eye enables you to record video so you can study your form. It features different video settings such as zoom and pan, side by side videos, slow motion, drawing over video, and editing videos with annotation, audio commentary and speed adjustment. There are also premium tools such as spotlight tool and angle tool that you can purchase.

Take your tennis skills and tennis IQ to the next level with these useful tennis apps. There are still many other tennis app, just take your time and choose the one that best suits you!

What Operating System is Right for You

I find that a lot of people have one type of computer that they love, and all others are “terrible” in comparison. But I’ve also found that not many people take the time to learn about which operating system, or OS, is best for them. The best ones in the world right now are MacOS, Windows, and Linux. But the one that you like really depends on what you need from the software.

Mac Users

If you do any work with audio or video production, Mac computers are the gold standard. Most of the best audio and visual tools are designed for Macs, and work best on X operating systems. Here’s the drawback though: if you like gaming, a Mac is not for you. Most games don’t work on Mac, or are ported and don’t quite measure up to the original game. Playing games on your Mac is like going to the grocery store to buy appliances, instead of visiting a specialist store like SinkHQ. But if you do more work than play on your computer, a Mac is the computer for you.


Windows is the system of choice for offices and games. Most businesses have used Windows for years, and couldn’t change now even if they wanted to.  Windows devices are often cheaper, and are compatible with one another. Microsoft Office is also the industry standard for word processing and spreadsheets. Windows devices however are more likely to get a virus or malware. That is because, so many people use them, so that’s what hackers write for. You can use programs like Malwarebytes to get rid of viruses, much like a high-quality cordless vacuum would suck up dust. But if you want to game, Windows is the only real choice for you.


Linux is the hardest operating system to use, but it gives you a lot of options. There are many versions of Linux, called distros. The most well-known one is Android, the OS for the Android phone. But Ubuntu and Kali are two other common versions, as well as Debian and Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi. Linux is great for big servers, and excellent for programmers like me. Because you can do so much with the system, you have more options than Mac or Windows would give. The hardest thing about Linux is the command line. You must install or move files with the command line interface, which takes some basic computer knowledge to make it work. But if you know how to use it, it really makes all other operating systems easier to use.

Linux is my personal favorite of these three, but that is because it fits my needs the best. Which one works best for you? Are you a gamer that needs the flexibility? Make sure you have Windows. Are you more of an audio engineer? Your Mac will do just fine. And if you’re a programmer, Linux will be your OS of choice.

Black Mirror and Technology

If you’ve never seen the UK show Black Mirror, you’re missing out on an amazing look into the world of technology. This isn’t a fun sci-fi show like Star Wars or Star Trek. This is a dark look into the near future of what technology might be.

I love technology. I always have. As a kid, I was interested in the way that computers worked. They were quite a bit newer at the time and fewer people knew anything about them, but they’ve become more and more common as I’ve grown up. Older people today are becoming more and more left behind as we create new technologies and ways to transfer information.

Black Mirror is a harsh satire of how technology can affect us today, and the dark places new tech can lead us to if we’re not careful. Now, I don’t think tech is a bad thing, or that advancing is something we should be concerned about in the future. The problem is that human beings doing really change, and the latest gadgets just make us MORE of who we already are.

Black Mirror

I just finished the UK/US show recently, and it makes me scared sometimes to think of the bad things we could do with the latest technology. I’m not going to give away any spoilers to this show. But some of the tech that appears in different episodes is really like tech that exists already. Did you know that Google has created a camera that uses AI to take random pictures during the day and record your day? This is very similar to a device called “The Grain” that appears in Season 2, Episode 1.

Two developers also created a device that reads through their dead friend’s chat history to create a chat bot that talks like their friend, back from the dead. This macabre technology was predicted by the Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back” in season 2.

Technology is in everything now, from our sports equipment all the way to our cars and appliances. There is no escaping the reach the new developments will have. But I think there is hope for us to use technology well, and not fall to the sad fates that most Black Mirror characters do.

What to Do?

So how do we keep our lives good in the middle of all this advancement? I recommend going outside. Pick up a sport, like Badminton. Grab a racquet and play a few rounds. And don’t share all of your personal information with social media sites and whatnot. It’s ok to be a little bit private. But the most important thing is to remember that other people DO exist, and they have feelings and lives of their own. Remember that being with other people is one of the best things about being a human. Spending time with people I love is the best way to make sure that technology exists FOR me, not to control me.

Highly Advanced Gadgets and Apps For A Healthier You!

Highly Advanced Gadgets and Apps For A Healthier You!I’m always amazed at how technology has changed and continue to change the world every single day. And while many of its negative impacts cannot be denied, how it has improved quality of life is obvious.

Just recently, I attended a health tech forum and exhibition. I am amazed at some of the great gadgets and technologies that make maintaining optimum health easier. Here are some of the latest health techs for a healthier you.

  1. Digital blood pressure monitor

Gone are the days when you need to pay a visit to the nearest doctor’s clinic or emergency department just to get your blood pressure taken. While the manual blood pressure cuffs reviewed at NightingaleKnows and used by healthcare professionals are still very much accurate and reliable, clinically-validated wireless blood pressure monitors now allow you monitor this vital sign anywhere, anytime.

Latest models are now more clinically-accurate and can also be linked to your smartphone for easy recording, monitoring and sharing to your doctor. With your blood pressure closely monitored, you can rest assured that your health is in best shape.

  1. Smart scales

Smart scales like QardioBase are not your typical bathroom scales. It does not simply weigh yourself but also evaluates other health factors such as your body fat, heart rate, bone mass, hydration status, and muscle mass. It is linked to a smartphone app that records and tracks your vitals over time. What it does is to keep you informed about your health status and enables you detect any possible problems, such as sudden weight loss, increased heart rate and dehydration. Moreover, you can share your tracking to your healthcare provider for a more thorough medical evaluation. People with chronic health conditions can benefit from this technology.

  1. Heart Health Watch

Wearables like the Apple Watch strap enable you to monitor your heart-rate 24/7 as long as you wear it. There are many different kinds of smart watches that are equipped with heart-rate monitoring. Some of the most advanced versions feature medical grade heart monitoring and is capable to read heart rhythms, also called electrocardiogram (EKG). With this new technology, the smart watch can pick up abnormal heart rhythms, palpitations and other possible symptoms that could increase the possibility of a heart attack.

  1. Smart, Digital Thermometer

If you frequently fall ill, you probably need the smart digital thermometer. Unlike regular digital thermometers, smart thermometers such as Withings Thermo allow you to keep track of your fever. It is linked in a smartphone app that monitors your body temperature over time. It is equipped with 16 infrared sensors that take 4,000 measurements for accuracy.

  1. Smart Indoor Climate Monitor

Healthy living starts at home. Being indoors does not guarantee protection from possible diseases. On the contrary, you can even get ill if your home is replete with health hazard. With smart indoor climate monitors, you can now keep your home healthier. For instance, the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach does a good job monitoring indoor humidity, air quality, noise, and temperature inside your home. It should guide you on when to turn on the humidifier or an adjustment in the home air cooling system or even track the noise at night.

All these great innovations will surely

Solar Cooking Green Cooking Alternative

Solar Cooking: Green Cooking Alternative

Over the past decades, efforts have been made to curb carbon dioxide emissions through the use of green energy. While we’ve seen huge progress, there’s still one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gases that needs to be addressed — that is cooking and home heating.

According to the WWF, nearly 2.9 billion people still depend on polluting fuels, such as wood and coal, for cooking and heating of homes. Cooking and heating are necessary for human survival. Unfortunately, we are left with only the conventional sources of fuel that produces too much carbon. Just imagine the number of households throughout the world that use smokers or grills, like those you see at https://smokeysteakranch.com/, on a daily basis. It may not seem apparent but the combined emissions of all cooking and heating activities can have a significant impact on the environment, not to mention its consequences on health.

On average a family consumes 30 kg of LPG, 30 liters of kerosene and 1 ton of firewood per year for cooking, which produces around 1 ton of carbon dioxide. Considering the amount of pollution that cooking emits to earth’s atmosphere, there is an urgent need to accelerate the development of clean, efficient cooking fuels. These initiatives would help further reduce man’s carbon footprint, save millions of lives, and make our planet livable for more years.

Solar Cooking: Alternative, Cleaner Cooking

Among the renewable sources of energy, solar power is the widely accessible and available. It produces no smoke and carbon dioxide emissions, unlike fuel sources that require combustion or burning. Solar cooking uses renewable energy that can be freely harnessed by anyone with just the right equipment. Aside from its environmental benefits, solar cooking is also a healthier way to cook as it requires minimal oil.

How to Cook with Solar Energy?

Solar-powered cookers are still in the development. While some hobbyists and scholars have made prototypes, nothing has been released yet in the mainstream. Don’t expect to see one from shops. But anyone can actually make a solar cooker with these three elements: Sun, Time and Creativity.

Place the oven under the direct heat of the sun and harness its energy for cooking. Unlike regular cooking methods, solar cooking needs longer time because of the fluctuating temperatures. For optimum cooking, the temperature should be maintained at 200 degrees.

You can build your DIY solar oven with materials available at home. The most basic requirements include aluminum foil, Styrofoam box, heat insulator such as rocks or bricks, and paint. There are tutorials available on the internet on how to build home-made solar cookers. Obviously, these ovens only work during daytime. For more sophisticated and advanced solar cookers that can be used even at night, solar panels that can store energy and converted into electrical power can be installed. These would require more inventiveness and creativity, but the result is awesome!

LED Lights

How Light Emitting Diodes Work

In this post I wanted to discuss the technology of the LED lights. A light emitting diode is a semiconductor diode that gives off light when there is a voltage applied to it and you will find light emitting diodes in indoor grow gardens, in car headlights, light fixtures in the home, in televisions and even in computers. LED lights are different from the traditional incandescent light bulbs in that the incandescent bulbs transmit electricity through filaments in glass bulbs but these bulbs give off plenty of heat, which makes these bulbs not very energy efficient. With LED lights, there is reduced heat when you use them in the home and this is because these lights contain no filaments that contribute to high heating, making them energy efficient.

Drawback To LED Lights

While the LED light is more energy efficient than the incandescent bulbs, there is one drawback to LED lights that keep some people from purchasing them and that is the lack of brightness in these lights. Some people who purchased LED lights mentioned that the lights appeared dim when they were turned on and they could barely see what they were reading. There is good news because more LED light manufacturers are creating brighter lights for customers. Another disadvantage of LED lights is that they’re more expensive than traditional lights but consumer experts say that the prices should get cheaper over a period of years.

LED Light Therapy For The Skin

Medical advances have made it easier for people to get younger looking skin and one example of this is LED light therapy. When you visit the dermatologist for the treatment, he applies a LED laser beam to the fine lines and wrinkles so that collagen will be restored to the skin for better looking skin.

LED LightsLongevity of LED Lights

Another reason why energy experts recommend LED lights is because of their longevity. The average LED light bulb can last over 50,000 hours while still not giving out extreme amounts of heat.

LED Grow Lights

Even gardeners benefit from LED and the main way is through indoor grow lights and here are some of the most advanced grow lights on the market. The All Blue Grow Light Panel is highly recommended for indoor gardeners because these blue grow lights increase chlorophyll production in plants and they keep the plants at longer times so that you won’t have to water them too frequently. There is also the mixed red and blue grow light system and this promotes better growth for the plants.

LED grow lights simulate natural light for indoor plants and this is ideal for families with small yards or who live in dense urban areas. As for how much light is needed for your indoor plants, this depends on which kinds of plants you have. Plants that grow well in the shade will need less light than plants that need more sunlight. The benefit of using grow light technology to grow vegetables and herbs indoors is that you save money on buying produce and you have the gratification of caring for living things. If you’re interested in learning more on indoor gardening, you can read more about LED grow lights here on this blog.

How LED Works Video Demo

Check out this video about the technology of LED: