A Ring As Wearable Technology

A Ring As Wearable Technology

Have you ever thought about a day and time where a ring could serve as a technological device? Well, thanks to a product called Ring, you can wear technology that benefits you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the details on what the Ring can do for you.

Main Aspects of Ring

The ring will allow you to use different hand gestures to control the appliances and other electronics devices in the home, use hand gestures as a way of transmitting and sending text through the phone or your computer, send and set up information concerning payment for your bills and receive and give special alerts. When you wear the ring and move your hand in different ways, the motion sensors inside the ring can detect the tasks you want to complete. Ring can be used if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone.

Benefits of Ring

One benefit of having this kind of ring is that it makes completing tasks easier and you don’t have to worry about remembering multiple passwords or setting up alerts and reminders every few days. When you wear the ring everything is set up for you; all you have to do is move the hand gestures and you’ll be able to control your devices within seconds. Since it saves you time, you can focus on the most important things and people in your life.

Where You Can Buy Ring

Currently it is not sold in stores but it has already been funded by Kickstarter and if you visit the company’s website you can pre-order this product. Some people have pre-ordered already and the average price is just under $200 so the ring is also affordable. Some tech industry insiders say that it could be sold in stores very soon.

Future of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology seems to be here to stay and like the Ring, it has several great benefits. Some developers are creating devices that are embedded with microchips and this is designed to prevent you from getting frustrated with losing credit card numbers, phone numbers and other important data. The smartphone is also a form of wearable technology since you can surf the Web, send text messages and receive emails all on the same device. Likewise, the Ring allows you to do these things with gestures.


The Ring is a piece of wearable technology that has built in motion sensors to assist you in controlling devices and getting things done using those devices. The Ring is also stylish and it resembles a regular silver wedding band. The fact that a ring can do so much is an example of the technological advances we’ve made as a society, and that wearable technology will become a permanent part of our daily lives. The Ring is also energy efficient in that you can determine which devices you want turned off just by moving hand gestures and by doing this you will not have to leave devices on for hours when it is not necessary, reducing utility bills.