Aerial Robot Friend At Your Service

The world of gadgets has gotten a bit crazier with the arrival of a robot toy called the Pocket Drone, and it operates like a big drone, which must be humorous for military buffs and anyone who loves outlandish gadgets. So far this toy’s company founders have received thousands of dollars from a crowfunding site and they’re close to meeting financial goals as it relates to the pocket drone. This pocket drone is shaped like a helicopter and you can fly it exactly like a regular one. Other features of the pocket drone include a good collapsible design, strong safety features, able to be upgraded, and flights that are programmable.

Surveillance Right At Your Fingertips

If you need to find out what your husband is getting for your anniversary or if you just recorded video of your younger sister in a bad activity that could harm her well being, the pocket drone lets you secretly upload those videos to the toy and before you know it you’ll have all the secret evidence you need to capture the facts you need. You can also use this surveillance as a fun prank on your friends.

You Can Capture Beautiful Pictures and Upload Them

Another good thing about this pocket drone is that you can not only record and upload video for fun or surveillance purposes but you can also take pictures from high up since it is a helicopter-style pocket drone. You’re able to take pictures of all kinds of buildings, homes, people and vehicles with the pocket drone and this makes you a different type of photographer.


Expect to pay at least $500 when the pocket drone is finally released to the public, and it is easy to see why the company charges this amount for the device. The pocket drone lets you engage in secret spying and you’re able to take pictures as well. Some tech industry leaders guess that the price could decrease or increase depending on the demand for this product in coming years. Drones are currently the talk of the nation as it relates to national security so it would not be surprising if more people would be willing to pay this price for the pocket drone to get an idea of how they operate.


Pocket drones could be around for many years because our society has been conditioned to the idea of using them to keep the nation secure. It is true that some jerks will use the pocket drones for the wrong reasons but this does not mean that the majority of potential pocket drone users will have malicious intentions. We live in a digitally advanced society and the pocket drones are an example of this. Using a pocket drone enables you to capture photos and videos in a more interactive way and this is why it could soar in popularity over the next few years. Finally, this is a toy that people of all ages will enjoy.