Black Mirror and Technology

If you’ve never seen the UK show Black Mirror, you’re missing out on an amazing look into the world of technology. This isn’t a fun sci-fi show like Star Wars or Star Trek. This is a dark look into the near future of what technology might be.

I love technology. I always have. As a kid, I was interested in the way that computers worked. They were quite a bit newer at the time and fewer people knew anything about them, but they’ve become more and more common as I’ve grown up. Older people today are becoming more and more left behind as we create new technologies and ways to transfer information.

Black Mirror is a harsh satire of how technology can affect us today, and the dark places new tech can lead us to if we’re not careful. Now, I don’t think tech is a bad thing, or that advancing is something we should be concerned about in the future. The problem is that human beings doing really change, and the latest gadgets just make us MORE of who we already are.

Black Mirror

I just finished the UK/US show recently, and it makes me scared sometimes to think of the bad things we could do with the latest technology. I’m not going to give away any spoilers to this show. But some of the tech that appears in different episodes is really like tech that exists already. Did you know that Google has created a camera that uses AI to take random pictures during the day and record your day? This is very similar to a device called “The Grain” that appears in Season 2, Episode 1.

Two developers also created a device that reads through their dead friend’s chat history to create a chat bot that talks like their friend, back from the dead. This macabre technology was predicted by the Black Mirror episode “Be Right Back” in season 2.

Technology is in everything now, from our sports equipment all the way to our cars and appliances. There is no escaping the reach the new developments will have. But I think there is hope for us to use technology well, and not fall to the sad fates that most Black Mirror characters do.

What to Do?

So how do we keep our lives good in the middle of all this advancement? I recommend going outside. Pick up a sport, like Badminton. Grab a racquet and play a few rounds. And don’t share all of your personal information with social media sites and whatnot. It’s ok to be a little bit private. But the most important thing is to remember that other people DO exist, and they have feelings and lives of their own. Remember that being with other people is one of the best things about being a human. Spending time with people I love is the best way to make sure that technology exists FOR me, not to control me.