Digital Vs. Paper Planner: Which One Is The Best?

Included in the basic features of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops are digital calendars or planners that make these gadgets more than capable of helping us organize and manage our daily tasks. Aside from these built-in features, there’s also an overabundance of productivity apps and solutions that can be installed in our gadget.

However, you might be wondering why, even with the ubiquity of digital calendar-equipped gadgets, we can still see paper planners of various designs and themes displayed on store shelves. If digital calendars are truly powerful and efficient, these traditional planners should have become obsolete and unnecessary isn’t it? But that’s not the case; many are still enamored with paper planners.

Contrary to what some people think, it is not only the old ones and ‘tech illiterates’ who are patronizing paper planners. Many tech-savvy users do prefer physical product over the digital ones. As a proof to that, there are sites like that are specifically dedicated to reviews of traditional paper. These review sites guide online users in finding the best type planners that suits their needs.

So, which type of planner is best? Paper or digital planner?

Why choose paper planner?

Although digital calendars are popular, efficient and easily accessible, many people still stick with paper planners because of its advantages.

First, traditional planners encourage you to physically write down a note, tasks, or appointment. Studies have shown that when you jot down notes you are more likely to remember what you have written them. Others believe that the physical act of writing helps reinforce the thought process and digest the information better.

Some people find planners effective in organizing and prioritizing their tasks. Indeed, it’s easier to sort out tasks if you can visually see them, instead of just mere concepts. You can check out this link to learn how to make an effective vision board: that is useful for planning.

Lastly, everyone has a different way of thinking. Some are comfortable using pen and paper in systematizing their daily tasks. For these people, writing helps them regain control of their life. Usually, individuals who are into arts and creative works find longhand writing more effective. Others simply love to carry around a compact notebook where they can occasionally write their thoughts.

Why choose digital planner?

Digital planners and other productivity apps are very popular – thanks to mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets. These productivity tools deserve to be popular because of their numerous advantages.

One of the best attributes of digital planners is that they are always with you. Nowadays, people can’t seem to move around with their smartphone and other devices. You can also bring them anywhere you go. Aside from that, digital planners have varied useful features such as alarm, auto-messaging, connectivity with your social channels, etc. Productivity apps that are based on the cloud can be linked to other devices so you don’t have to repeat entries every so often.

The best digital planners offer users with an expansive amount of space where you can work and experiment on. These apps also let users schedule their to-dos, reminders and events more efficiently, by indicating start and end time, location, frequency, people to meet, and other important details. Digital planners also enable users to write down all relevant details in a simplified and organized manner to ensure that nothing is missed out.

Digital planners offer many options for users. You will have no trouble finding an app that meets your lifestyle and needs.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, everyone thinks and lives differently. No one size fits all. If you have already established a routine, either with physical writing or through use of gadgets, go follow it. The planner that works for you is the best planner.