Highly Advanced Gadgets and Apps For A Healthier You!

Highly Advanced Gadgets and Apps For A Healthier You!I’m always amazed at how technology has changed and continue to change the world every single day. And while many of its negative impacts cannot be denied, how it has improved quality of life is obvious.

Just recently, I attended a health tech forum and exhibition. I am amazed at some of the great gadgets and technologies that make maintaining optimum health easier. Here are some of the latest health techs for a healthier you.

  1. Digital blood pressure monitor

Gone are the days when you need to pay a visit to the nearest doctor’s clinic or emergency department just to get your blood pressure taken. While the manual blood pressure cuffs reviewed at NightingaleKnows and used by healthcare professionals are still very much accurate and reliable, clinically-validated wireless blood pressure monitors now allow you monitor this vital sign anywhere, anytime.

Latest models are now more clinically-accurate and can also be linked to your smartphone for easy recording, monitoring and sharing to your doctor. With your blood pressure closely monitored, you can rest assured that your health is in best shape.

  1. Smart scales

Smart scales like QardioBase are not your typical bathroom scales. It does not simply weigh yourself but also evaluates other health factors such as your body fat, heart rate, bone mass, hydration status, and muscle mass. It is linked to a smartphone app that records and tracks your vitals over time. What it does is to keep you informed about your health status and enables you detect any possible problems, such as sudden weight loss, increased heart rate and dehydration. Moreover, you can share your tracking to your healthcare provider for a more thorough medical evaluation. People with chronic health conditions can benefit from this technology.

  1. Heart Health Watch

Wearables like the Apple Watch strap enable you to monitor your heart-rate 24/7 as long as you wear it. There are many different kinds of smart watches that are equipped with heart-rate monitoring. Some of the most advanced versions feature medical grade heart monitoring and is capable to read heart rhythms, also called electrocardiogram (EKG). With this new technology, the smart watch can pick up abnormal heart rhythms, palpitations and other possible symptoms that could increase the possibility of a heart attack.

  1. Smart, Digital Thermometer

If you frequently fall ill, you probably need the smart digital thermometer. Unlike regular digital thermometers, smart thermometers such as Withings Thermo allow you to keep track of your fever. It is linked in a smartphone app that monitors your body temperature over time. It is equipped with 16 infrared sensors that take 4,000 measurements for accuracy.

  1. Smart Indoor Climate Monitor

Healthy living starts at home. Being indoors does not guarantee protection from possible diseases. On the contrary, you can even get ill if your home is replete with health hazard. With smart indoor climate monitors, you can now keep your home healthier. For instance, the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach does a good job monitoring indoor humidity, air quality, noise, and temperature inside your home. It should guide you on when to turn on the humidifier or an adjustment in the home air cooling system or even track the noise at night.

All these great innovations will surely