3d printer

Low Cost User Friendly 3D Printer

One of the most affordable user friendly 3D printers is the Micro printer and it has raised quite a bit of money on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. The Micro 3D printer will cost under $300 upon release to the public and it will come with touchscreen-friendly software. This printer will also not give out a very loud noise unlike traditional printers and with this innovative machine you’re able to print all kinds of images and fonts in 3D, which is important since 3D continues to be an important part of graphic design and advertising.

How Does This Printer Work?

It is not very hard to use the Micro 3D printer and all you need to do is plug in the printer, choose a design template you want to use and then start your tasks. You can even organize the different design templates you use from the printer on a daily basis so that you can put all of them into a user friendly library and access them whenever you want.

Easily Connectable To Different Kinds of Computers

Another good thing about the Micro 3D printer is that it has 3D printing software for the computers Mac, Windows and Linux, so this means that most computer systems would be compatible with Micro 3D printer. This is especially good for Mac users since they sometimes have trouble finding a printer or electronics items that are compatible with these computers.

Versatility in Types of Things You Can Print

One of the benefits of using printers such as the Micro 3D printer is that you can quickly print out a variety of images and designs. For example, if you’re decorating for your parents’ anniversary, you can scan some older pictures of your parents and print them through the Micro 3D printer.  Or if you are printing out images for Halloween, you can scan some images and print them from this printer.

This Printer Also Doesn’t Take Up A Lot of Space

Generally a printer would be bulky and take up too much space in addition to the computer that is in the office but when you have the Micro 3D printer, you’ll have a printer that is efficient in operation yet that is not very huge. You can also take the printer to any room and set it up there while preparing to print using the design templates.


The Micro 3D printer is an amazing piece of technology and it is affordable, which will make families happy. This would be a good idea to give teens and college students who are visual arts students. You can purchase orders ahead of time on a crowdfunding site that invites people to buy the Micro 3       D printer. This printer is the wave of the future regarding graphic design and it is simple to use. Currently the stores do not have Micro 3D printers but you can pre-order from the crowdfunding sites or the company’s website.