What Operating System is Right for You

I find that a lot of people have one type of computer that they love, and all others are “terrible” in comparison. But I’ve also found that not many people take the time to learn about which operating system, or OS, is best for them. The best ones in the world right now are MacOS, Windows, and Linux. But the one that you like really depends on what you need from the software.

Mac Users

If you do any work with audio or video production, Mac computers are the gold standard. Most of the best audio and visual tools are designed for Macs, and work best on X operating systems. Here’s the drawback though: if you like gaming, a Mac is not for you. Most games don’t work on Mac, or are ported and don’t quite measure up to the original game. Playing games on your Mac is like going to the grocery store to buy appliances, instead of visiting a specialist store like SinkHQ. But if you do more work than play on your computer, a Mac is the computer for you.


Windows is the system of choice for offices and games. Most businesses have used Windows for years, and couldn’t change now even if they wanted to.  Windows devices are often cheaper, and are compatible with one another. Microsoft Office is also the industry standard for word processing and spreadsheets. Windows devices however are more likely to get a virus or malware. That is because, so many people use them, so that’s what hackers write for. You can use programs like Malwarebytes to get rid of viruses, much like a high-quality cordless vacuum would suck up dust. But if you want to game, Windows is the only real choice for you.


Linux is the hardest operating system to use, but it gives you a lot of options. There are many versions of Linux, called distros. The most well-known one is Android, the OS for the Android phone. But Ubuntu and Kali are two other common versions, as well as Debian and Raspbian for the Raspberry Pi. Linux is great for big servers, and excellent for programmers like me. Because you can do so much with the system, you have more options than Mac or Windows would give. The hardest thing about Linux is the command line. You must install or move files with the command line interface, which takes some basic computer knowledge to make it work. But if you know how to use it, it really makes all other operating systems easier to use.

Linux is my personal favorite of these three, but that is because it fits my needs the best. Which one works best for you? Are you a gamer that needs the flexibility? Make sure you have Windows. Are you more of an audio engineer? Your Mac will do just fine. And if you’re a programmer, Linux will be your OS of choice.