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Low Cost User Friendly 3D Printer

One of the most affordable user friendly 3D printers is the Micro printer and it has raised quite a bit of money on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. The Micro 3D printer will cost under $300 upon release to the public and it will come with touchscreen-friendly software. This printer will also not give out a very loud noise unlike traditional printers and with this innovative machine you’re able to print all kinds of images and fonts in 3D, which is important since 3D continues to be an important part of graphic design and advertising.

How Does This Printer Work?

It is not very hard to use the Micro 3D printer and all you need to do is plug in the printer, choose a design template you want to use and then start your tasks. You can even organize the different design templates you use from the printer on a daily basis so that you can put all of them into a user friendly library and access them whenever you want.

Easily Connectable To Different Kinds of Computers

Another good thing about the Micro 3D printer is that it has 3D printing software for the computers Mac, Windows and Linux, so this means that most computer systems would be compatible with Micro 3D printer. This is especially good for Mac users since they sometimes have trouble finding a printer or electronics items that are compatible with these computers. (more…)

A Ring As Wearable Technology

A Ring As Wearable Technology

Have you ever thought about a day and time where a ring could serve as a technological device? Well, thanks to a product called Ring, you can wear technology that benefits you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the details on what the Ring can do for you.

Main Aspects of Ring

The ring will allow you to use different hand gestures to control the appliances and other electronics devices in the home, use hand gestures as a way of transmitting and sending text through the phone or your computer, send and set up information concerning payment for your bills and receive and give special alerts. When you wear the ring and move your hand in different ways, the motion sensors inside the ring can detect the tasks you want to complete. Ring can be used if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone.

Benefits of Ring

One benefit of having this kind of ring is that it makes completing tasks easier and you don’t have to worry about remembering multiple passwords or setting up alerts and reminders every few days. When you wear the ring everything is set up for you; all you have to do is move the hand gestures and you’ll be able to control your devices within seconds. Since it saves you time, you can focus on the most important things and people in your life. (more…)

Food Kept Fresh with a Vacuum Sealer

Food Kept Fresh with a Vacuum SealerAnytime you go shopping at the supermarket these days you will come across certain foods, usually meat, that have been vacuumed sealed. It’s actually a nice way to select the food because it has that hygienic, fresh look about it. There seems to be a change in food presentation with many more items like vegetables and fruits that are also being sealed, airtight, in bags.

This idea of vacuum sealing has some benefits with the obvious one being that the food won’t go bad as quickly as those goods that are not sealed the same way. When manufacturers transport food, it’s more than likely it will be vacuum sealed, this is done for both security and to maintain freshness. Keeping food fresh is, at times, difficult in the home. Refrigerators and bread boxes working together with plastic containers are all used to keep your fruit, vegetables, leftovers and meat as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

Did you know that there are particular ways and proper places in your fridge to put individual items? The freezer holds your meat and frozen foods like ice cream, your crispers hold your fruit and vegetables and the door shelves are for drinks like milk, juices and lemonades. You have separate compartments for the cheese and the butter. Then you use plastic containers to hold leftovers and other sundry items that have been already opened but not entirely used.

Have you ever thought of taking that next step in food preservation, such as we are talking about in this article? Vacuum sealing. Most people believe that the purchase of a vacuum sealer is a bit ‘over the top’ as a way to keep your food fresh but then don’t think twice about wrapping anything and everything in two to three layers of plastic wrapping. Food that is plastic wrapped will not last as long as food that is vacuum sealed.

The cost of a vacuum sealer is surprisingly affordable. It’s not as if you are buying one for commercial use, it’s just to seal stuff you want to keep from going bad in your own home. Take a look at this article that reviews costs and types of vacuum sealers. It will give you lots of information and will help you make an informed decision.

Another not so widely known use of vacuum sealing is that you can actually cook food that is sealed in a bag. Drop the item, still in its bag, into water and boil away. The flavour and nutrients have nowhere to go but to stay in the food. There is a microwaveable chicken available from supermarkets and they are vacuum sealed in a special bag for use in a microwave oven.

We have so many gadgets and appliances in the kitchen already and this one will definitely save you money. How? You can keep leftovers for a lot longer. You can keep fruit and vegetables a lot longer. Less waste means less buying means significant savings as food makes up a big part of the household budget.


Analog v Electronic

Analog v Electronic

It’s amazing how far technology has taken us as a species. From simple stuff like the wheel to more complex technology like 3D printing, we are the masters of making tools which then make our lives easier. But is more complicated machinery necessarily better? I often find myself thinking about the differences between analog and electronic tech, and whether the newer, flashier devices we have are really better at doing what they do when you compare them to the devices we used to rely upon to perform similar functions. That’s a mouthful, but I’ll break things down here shortly.

Let’s just take a look at clocks to get started, that should make this easier. Analog clocks contain gears which turn according to a timer to move the second, minute and hour hands connected to those gears. The clock is mechanical, or analog. Electronic clocks, like the digital clocks seen on a computer, contain no gears, or any moving parts at all for that matter. Each of these types of clocks has its own advantages and disadvantages – points which make it both a good idea and a bad idea. These advantages and disadvantages are more universal for analog and electronic devices than specific to clocks.

Because the analog clock is mechanical, it doesn’t necessarily need electricity to function. This means that even in a power outage, the clock will still work. However, because it contains so many moving parts, repairs can be costly and take some time to complete. The broken piece or pieces must be located and then replaced, and those spare parts aren’t free or anything. In general, analog devices tend to have greater mass than electronic or digital counterparts, which makes them heavier. They’re typically more durable against wear because they are built to withstand being rattled on occasion.

It’s just not possible to get some things from a digital or analog media which you would normally be able to get from the opposing type. Let’s take grappling dummies for instance. First, if you don’t know what one of those is, you can find out at http://jiujitsudummy.net/. Second, it would be a lot harder to physically practice throws, strikes and other moves against a computer program. You kind of need the analog technology, in this case. Likewise, running programs requiring thousands of calculations a minute would be impossible with an abacus, which is essentially an analog calculator.

The fact we still have analog goods around today should be testament enough to their staying power and the fact we continue to rely on technology so long as it continues to be useful to us. Though it will continue to progress forward, some of the best technology from our past is still with us today, simply because it works. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, or that a device couldn’t be made better by making it with a combination of electronic and analog elements. Just remember that certain types of devices are better suited to different purposes than other devices.

Violin Music and Technology

Did you ever wonder how we ever lived without the technology that is available to us now? The answer will depend on your age. The internet is only about 20 years old. Today’s teenagers don’t know anything else but iPhones, iPads, laptops and Wi-Fi. The Baby Boomer generation has both shunned new technology or embraced it with a passion that makes them almost as savvy as their grandkids…almost.

Violin Music and Technology

The 1960’s teenage generation is not without its sins if they can remember back to ‘Flower Power’ and smoking weed and long hair on boys and the birth of hippy communes with free love and avoiding the draft. That generation didn’t grow up with the pressure of recreational drugs and expensive fashion must haves.

If we did anything wrong back in those days, we were spanked or sent to our room without supper. Punishment for kids today is depriving them of an electronic device for a week. Let’s face it, who can live a week without Facebook?

Technological advances have bee nothing short of amazing over the past 15 years and it’s hard to see where it will end. Kids today have everything at their fingertips. They can order music online, food online, chat with their friends and buy gifts. Their parents, who have grown up with technology as well can do their banking, buy their groceries and book flights and accommodation for overseas holidays. There is no end to what you can do without moving you bum off a seat in front of a computer.

Fortunately, learning how to play a musical instrument remains something that you have to do physically although it’s been made a lot easier with some pretty informative lessons available on the internet. A month on YouTube and you can play a few guitar chords or get sounds from a violin that don’t sound like a dying cat. Technology has caused a decrease in the number of music teachers but has worked in the opposite direction by increasing the number of musicians. With the internet, everybody can play the violin or a guitar or the drums or a trumpet.

The other aspect of the internet is that you can find out what is the best instrument, or the most suitable one, for your kid to play. You can find the best starter guitar, the best violin, the best set of drums. After you find what you are looking for you can buy the item online, either second hand privately or new from the shop. The better the instrument, the greater the chance of the child enjoying the experience.

Will technology advance to the point where we will have robots doing everything for us? Everything except music, because to be able to play music you need an inner spirit of creativeness and appreciation that only a living human possesses. The improvement in 3D printers might even see us being able to make our own musical instruments at home. With the press of a button after some data input and bingo! We have a new Stradivarius or a Stratocaster.

Are we becoming slaves of technology

Are we becoming slaves of technology?

Technology is the most important thing right now to live a life normally. Inventions are made to make our lives easier and surly it has made our lives a better place. Technological developments through the ages have made us quite literally its slave. We are now bound and surrounded by them. We find ourselves in a very miserable position when we find that we are lacking the company of some gadget or the other. Yet if we look back a hundred years from now, technology was back then a wholly different thing. Its definition was completely different than what it is right now.

We find wake up one fine morning and find our digitally advanced super cool mobile handsets not working properly or some app on our smart phones not responding or just not responding in its usual speed we get irritated. Well, irritated is an understatement, we rather get pissed off and our world seems to fall apart like a stack of dominos. But if we take some time out and give a thought on it for a moment then are we on the right path? Are not we diverting from our tracks of being humans and relying more on gadgets than on our human companions? Let us give it a thought.

Technological developments go hand in hand back to the days when we were barbarians and nomads. Then with the passage of time we got civilized and thus our advancement in the technological aspects advanced as well. After that with the new age, with the spread of rationalism and the emergence of the scientific ideas in the renaissance era technologies became much more advanced. This in its turn gave way for industrial revolution and since then, since the industrial revolution scientific developments and technological advancements worked double shift and geared up its pace quite steadily. But with the beginning of the twentieth century this pace gradually increased exponentially and now every other day we find the discoveries and inventions of the day before as history and back dated as something new and more advanced have been discovered or invented.

Back in the earlier times wooden works were found in many palaces and castles. So we other work of art on stones and marbles and metals. But the artisans and the crafts men had no means like the ones people today have. Axe and such stuff were the best tools back then, but now, one could easily use a wood lathe and do the work in half the time than what was required back then. And to find one such similar tool today one need not even go to the market, it is easily accessible in online sites like http://woodlathereport.com/.

Technologies are there to make us live a easier life but becoming completely dependent on gadgets and gizmos is not a great idea. With the rise in the depletion of natural fuel resources we must keep one thing in mind that we must not do or adapt any such habit that would make us incapable to live naturally amongst nature.

Tips on Managing & Protecting Your PC

Tips on Managing & Protecting Your PC

There are a number of simple steps you can take to help keep your PC in good health and lasting longer. A simple monthly clean up can help speed up your internet speed and slow down your hardware’s demise. You can start with removing programs, pictures or music from your PC that you’re no longer using or listening to. The more memory space on your computer, the faster it runs. It may time to say goodbye to one of the many downloads of Solitaire or Mahjong games you have. You can also check on your PC’s task manager, this can be opened on Windows by pressing [Ctrl]+[Alt}+[Del]. Once there you can uncheck start up programs which you don’t use or need. You could also download CCleaner for free which is quoted as ‘the world’s leading PC Cleaner and Optimization tool’. Installing an anti-virus is also a good step in making sure that any spyware and/or viruses on your PC are destroyed.

The art of maintaining a computer is a straightforward practice as it can be started by simply dusting. A spray of compressed can air along your keyboard and inside your PC will help get rid of dust. When cleaning your CPU heat sink and CPU fun make sure to take care. Keep the fan still with one hand when spraying so it doesn’t spin. The fan may need to be replaced if it makes unnatural sound or stops spinning. Why is so important to dust? The buildup of dust can heat up your PC which can damage its performance and speed, there’s also the aesthetic atrocities of people catching sight of your gross PC. Proper heating and cooling of your PC can be a real life saver.

Always take care when plugging or unplugging cables, USB sticks etc. Ports can easily be damaged if proper attention is payed and pulling out your ipod or USB stick without ejecting it first can cause damage to your PC. In case the worst happens and you accidentally delete an important file, your life can be saved by having a back up. If you make sure to back up your data regularly on a hard drive or even google drive a lot of stress can be avoided.

Stress and PC are synonymous for many the average PC user and one major trick to avoid this is to sit at your computer correctly. Sit up tall with your hips as far back in the seat as possible, support your whole back and make your shoulders are relaxed. Check how your body is positioned when you next use your computer and adjust yourself to prevent pain in advance. Check wikiHow for a more detailed description of how to sit. !Last but not least, make sure to update your Hardware and software when required.

It may take an age to update but it is worth it in the long run. Take the time to stretch your legs or more likely: grab some food!

The right use of technology for a better future

Ever wonder what will happen to us in the next century? Or where we will lie in the sphere of evolution in the next phase of it? Will we survive and prevail and dominate as we are doing now? Or will we be extinct? The question really remains there haunting us.

The right use of technology for a better future

The thing that runs through our imagination whenever we think of the future is cars flying high up in the sky and gadgets and innovations at its pinnacle. Robots as our help running at our beck and call really fascinate us. The plight towards these ideas is really a miracle of science and we are in our best of capacity making all effort to make all these into a reality. But will all these do?

The future is something we want to be safe and secure. All of us work hard throughout our lives and earn as much as we possibly could because we want to have a better live with our close ones in our warm houses and our sunny morning golf matches with stuffs that we get by visiting Golfoid. We want to be secure to the point that we would make ourselves capably ensure enough that we must face any danger that could or might prevail in the near or far future and we could face it with all opposing force and defeat it or at least prevent it from causing damages of maximum magnitude. We prepare ourselves with the best possible training for the worst possible condition to our imagination. That is why we pay the premium of high stakes and live poor to the insurance company to die rich with the assurance that we would leave plenty for the next generation so that have a better live even in our absence.

The right use of technology for a better futureWith the impending danger in the present society by radical groups these thoughts of a safe and secure future is really something that is going out of our hands. What worse condition or scenario can one think of? Going to the office and coming back as a box of confetti? Or there is something even worse? The answer is unknown and so is the motive of the people initiating such terror in our hearts. Technology is a great tool in the hands of the inventor, who designs it into something that would be beneficial to us all and be helpful to the entire humanity. He makes it and brings it up like his child but when it falls in the wrong hands, we usually have our own Frankenstein.

A person who is destroying our present and while doing so is destroying our future as well. Now a day we do not think of getting our morning newspapers and get a bit of some sport news or read more about what is in the rack this week for our weekend quota of fun. But we first dive into the global new and see what place has been turned to hell and brought down to dust due to the preaching of some vague propaganda of ultimate inhumanity.

We must all come forward to stop the misuse of technology as it is the hard work of some unknown selfless guy out there and use it to make our future the way we dreamt it.

Things That No Gadget Can Replace

In this day and age, everything’s become electronic, and comes either in the form of some complicated gadget or a simple mobile application. Although that certainly has its advantages, there are more than a few disadvantages I can think of, the most important one being that we’re increasingly dependent on both electric current and the availability of WiFi. Although my profession makes me even more dependent than the average person, I always try to assume a critical attitude towards new technology. This means not only that I’m not addicted to gadgets, but also that there are some things I’ll never replace with their modern counterparts. Here is a list of some of them.

Regular calendars

Things That No Gadget Can ReplaceYou might wonder why I started with calendars, but just hear me out. I place a lot of importance on organizing, since I believe it makes me more efficient, and also gives me more free time. This is why I’ve tried dozens of gadgets and applications the main purpose of which is to help users make good use of their time. It might come as a surprise, since most of those I’ve tried operate by using complex programs, but I haven’t found a single one that meets my standards. In the end, I’ve had to go back to using a regular calendar, and still find them the best tools for organization.

Jump starters

There are plenty of gadgets that can help you monitor your car’s performance, as well as those that should be able to fix some of the potential issues. That’s all good, but the thing I find hard to believe is the fact that people are starting to rely on them even when they shouldn’t. I’ll take a proper jump starter as the best example of what I’m trying to say. Some of my friends have crossed them of their lists of things they should always keep in the trunk. It’s because they believe they’ve stopped needing them, since their fancy gadgets are there to alert them whenever something’s wrong with their cars. I think that’s completely insane, and could cost them to find out exactly why!

Quality cameras

With all the advancements in the area of mobile technology, people have almost stopped buying cameras, and I believe that’s such a shame. I personally own a smartphone, and my device has a pretty neat camera, so I know both sides of the story. I’m aware of how great photos can turn out when taken with one of those. But I still find it hard to believe that anyone who’s into photography would replace real camera settings with automatic filtering.

Alarm clocks

Although mobile phones are usually quite dependable, there are times when they’ll fail you. It’s happened to me plenty of times, especially since I’ve started using a smartphone, which has a much shorter battery life than the older versions. This is why I always bring my alarm clock with me, wherever I go. And this little device has never failed to wake me up in the morning.

Breakfast Food That Will Keep You Energized

There are so many reasons for not being lazy about breakfast. They say that there’s no healthy lifestyle without it, and that it’s the most important meal of the day. I have to say I agree a 100%. I’ve lived without it for quite some time, and can say from my own experience that it makes a world of difference. If you want to be really sure about it, try eating breakfast for two weeks and then skipping it from time to time. You’ll see the negative effect this has on your body, and won’t make the same mistake ever again.

To get the most out of breakfast, you can’t eat the first thing you come across after you stumble out of your bed. It requires doing some research and preparing things in advance. But don’t worry, it’s really not that hard. Here are the healthiest breakfast foods that are also very easy to make.

Poached eggs

Breakfast Food That Will Keep You Energized

Eggs are among the most popular breakfast foods, which is why people think that you can’t go wrong by eating them. Unfortunately, there are less healthy ways to prepare your eggs, such as scrambling them. Poaching your eggs, on the other hand, is considered to be the healthiest way of preparing them. The process is quite simple. You’ll have to fill a saucepan with water, bring it to a boil, and crack the eggs in. After only a couple of minutes of simmering, your eggs will be perfectly done.


Making a smoothie out of fruit or vegetables is one of the healthiest ways of preparing that type of food, since cooking, baking and frying tend to destroy all the good stuff. So instead of stirring your veggies into an omelet or baking the fruit along with your muffins or energy bars, consider simply blending them with some milk or yoghurt. Of course, to get the best out of the ingredients, you’ll have to use a good smoothie maker, such as one of these: http://smoothiemakerguru.com/. But believe me, it’ll be all worth it.

Oatmeal with dried fruit

This requires no preparation, at least not unless you wish to dry your own fruit. I’ve done that a couple of times, and it really tastes better, but it’s probably too much of a hassle for us working people. Another alternative to getting dried fruit from a store is buying it on one of the local markets. They sell products that tend to be of a higher quality than the store-bought stuff. In any case, mixing your oatmeal with some dry berries and a glass of Greek yoghurt will fill your belly and prepare you for the long day that’s waiting ahead.

Grapefruit juice

Although it’s not a complete breakfast, it’s awfully healthy. I buy my grapefruits as the local market and squeeze them almost every morning. Their bitterness makes my mouth tingle, but the aftertaste is just great. I almost never add sugar to the juice, but you can do it if you simply can’t bear the taste.